New TestArena is available now!

Free test management tool - even more user friendly.

App designed by experts...

The purpose of TestArena is to support small and big testing teams with a viable tool.
The application is still in development, but you can try our early version of it.

It's based on the expierences of people connected to the portal.

Security tests are carried out by

...for more comfortable work...

We expanded our tool on new functionalities

    Administration panel:

  1. Projects - create, edit, export/import, add bug trackers (Jira i Mantis) to projects
  2. Roles - create, edit and assign roles to users
  3. Users - create, edit, activate/deactivate users

  4. User panel:

  5. Dashboard - newest tasks, newest massages and information about tasks with expired realization date. Supplemented with graphical charts that show the number of tasks assigned to a user
  6. Messages - (upper panel) buit-in text-based communication application
  7. Project - an overview of a project. Includes various edition options (based on user authorization) and enables the addition of attachments
  8. Releases - an overview list of releases created for the project. Create, edit, add tasks and clone.
  9. Phases - and overview list of phases connected with releases. Create and edit.
  10. Environments - and overview list of all the envionments related to the project. Create and edit.
  11. Versions - an overview list of all the version created for the project. Create ad edit.
  12. Tasks - an overview list of all the tasks associated with the project. Create, edit (add Tests and Defects), open/close, assign to users
  13. Defects - an overview list of all the defects associated with the project. Create, edit, start/finish, resolve (with various customizable completion statuses), assign to users
  14. Test Base - list of tests created for the project. Add (exploration test, test case or other), edit
  15. Files - built-in application for managing attatchments

...for more efficient management.

The ability to use built-in tools for defect management. Simple and clear permission mechanism. You give such permissions as someone needs. Handling tool simplified to a minimum. No one will tell you he couldn't use this tool.

TestArena in an easy and simple way to manage the testing process in the organization. Creating tasks and monitoring the process has never been so easy...


Integration with Jira and Mantis.

Integration with the most popular bug tracking tools

Built-in instant messenger

The ability to work in scattered teams - no one will complain about communication problems

Current progress

Clear display of test progress - we always have insight into what is happening

Lower costs

You don't have to spend huge money on bug tracking tools, it's totally free!